Thursday, July 16, 2009


Oborah was on again this Tuesday in the Class, talking about the apparent "waste of time" pursuing a foreign education is and how it does not "address our own unique needs" here in Africa.

He made a lame attempt at demonising universities in the West, saying how deceived Africans are at wanting to flock there. As usual, he turned the focus on his diploma mill, saying how it offers quality education comparable to Western universities, gives solutions to uniquely African problems and best of all is affordable...

I was about to laugh at this whole charade, as it's not only blatant lies, but a serious show of double standards. If Oborah indeed claims to be a Cambridge alumni, why demonise the institution he got his degree from? Why plagiarize materials from these Western institutions? Does DALC indeed give solutions to uniquely African problems, or do they just write case studies?

Again shame on KTN for bringing up such a quack and endorsing him. I have a hunch things won't go down well with them in the near future...

PS: Oborah makes a weak attempt at forcing a British accent...the S & SH interchange in his "lecture" were noticeable



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