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When it comes to post secondary Education, the buck will all the time stop at the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE). This is the body mandated to ensure that Kenyans are getting quality and legitimate education from private and public institutions of higher learning. They are the last word.

Is the commission fully aware of the going ons at DALC EDUCATION? I mean the stuff that’s hidden beneath the glamour you see when you walk through the doors of any DALC campus. Has the commission investigated all the complaints that have been made about DALC to the end and found that DALC is squeaky clean? The Commission in my view is moribund and meaningless because it has not protected Kenyans from rogue educationists who are out to make money out of peoples naivety and desperation for higher education.

According to the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) website, they (COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE)) have a duty to keep advice the public accreditation of institutions in Kenya. They say, “In line with this responsibility, the Commission regularly keeps the public abreast of new developments in the higher education scenario as well as making public pronouncements to caution them of those institutions which have not been mandated by the Commission to offer university-level education in the country.”

Obviously, COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) does caution the public about institutions but it seems that’s all they do. When the issue of DALC’s legitimacy first arose, Prof. Standa was quoted in the business daily admitting that there was a mistake in the case of DALC. “The authority to collaborate with any learning institution must come from COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE),” said Standa. So then what did Standa and his well paid commissioners do about it? One would anticipate that the commission would give some public communication about the scam and clear people’s worries. HE did not and instead went on to blame infiltration of rogue colleges on the high demand for vacancies. The man who is supposed to protect Kenyans from institutions such as DALC failed to give concrete measures that the commission was taking.

DALC has been running courses that are not validated by COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE). To date, the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) has validated only two. DALC however, thinks the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) is a moron and has continued to teach over 100 courses. Not long ago, the man in charge of the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) was asked if an applicant can roll out programmes while the issue was being considered but Prof Standa said that would be unprocedural. But that is what exactly DALC is doing teaching 100+courses on while only two are validated. Has anybody seen or heard the CHE act?

Last year, Standa is quoted saying. “A mistake must have happened, you cannot offer programmes in collaboration with a university or college, either local or foreign without the proper authority,” in regards to DALC’s saga. He fails to mention the action that the CHE took. How ironic.

Fast forward to June and we have an article by the Standard (as usual) where the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) boss Kihumbu Thairu vouches for collaboration between institutions of higher learning boost research and learning as long as standards are observed.

The COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) should be now aware of the fact that the DALC’s collaboration partners are mere virtual entities that have been rejected in countries such as Malaysia. The collaboration with CAM/OXIM/IIU/EBs is an elaborate scam to defraud people of their money in exchange for substandard education. When the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) allows DALC EDUCATION to go on with this scam, are they aware that CAM is not accredited in its country of registration? Have they taken time to verify DALC claims despite all the negative press reports and blogs?

To add salt to injury, one of the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) commissioners recently questioned the validity of the DALC programmes in a Sunday Nation article that was in the Educational supplement (see below). The said commissioner was expressing his doubt over the quality and recognition of these associations of management. He said that DALC would be discussed in a COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) meeting that was to be held in May. Has anybody heard from the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) since? ]

A blogger recently questioned the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE)’s abilities to carry out its duties. He said, “They COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) take too long to carry out investigations.. In fact what happens is after 1000 students have graduated and employees seek clarifications, thats when they rise to the occasion.” I couldn’t agree more. Do you remember the case of Newport University? The COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) only swung into action after hundreds of people had been swindled and were about to graduate from the bogus university whose degrees were run by WISEMENTRAINERS. Nothing happened for two years when these people were in class and paying fees to a scammer. Absolutely nothing.

Wisemen Trainers is still going strong and I don’t know what exactly happened thereafter. In other countries, the college would have been closed and its proprietors hauled to court in a flash. Today, WISEMEN also boasts of COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) accreditation in its adverts.

The COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) cannot be entirely blameless in this fiasco. DALC EDUCATION is a fraudulent institution, yet a COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) commissioner is always present in its functions. What exactly is his role if not to fool the public? Last year, the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) commissioner categorically stated that DALC was accredited to offer only two courses. Then he sat through the ceremony as DALC awarded Diplomas in Healthcare, Public Relations, Human Resources, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Education , Pre Medicals, Environmental Studies, Finance, Investment, Youth Entrepreneurship etc So what was his role in the ceremony if he sat through the a graduation that broke the COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE) rules that he had just spoken about!

Commission for Higher Education (COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (CHE)) has aided DALC if defrauding Kenyans by its inaction.


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