Wednesday, July 15, 2009


 The sad thing is that this syllabus is copied from GEORGE MASON University California word for word. It says "in developing and modifying large, complex software systems. It emphasizes technical and management aspects of the software engineering process. Software engineering is an established discipline based on requirement analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, economics, and management issues of software engineering. A pragmatic approach to problem solving is the hallmark of a software engineer." We are talking about the DALC EDUCATION software engineering course at Post Graduate level right here.

Now that echoes the same words used by the George Mason University to describe their Masters in Software Engineering. link (

Now, can these people who love to defend DALC come and give a logical explanation to that or will they start the usual your-are-not-man enough jobless idler nonsense. The evidence is on the George Mason university's website. What does that have to do with the jealousy?


 There you will find the source of DALC Eduction's "Cambridge" syllabus for their Post Graduate Diploma in IT security. Word for word DALC copied that syllabus, slapped some logos on it and pretended of that it was their own. Actually, that is a crime known as passing off. Common among counterfeiters.

Looking in the syllabus, you will find descriptions such as, "With technology transforming the way we do business, there is an increased emphasis on information security: the protection of sensitive data", that were definately copied and pasted without a single alteration.



  • So it means the syllabus are international only that they have been copied,it is good you acknowledge that DALC doesnt just offer it own things.And what is wrong with copying it happens all over

    July 16, 2009 at 10:05 AM

  • hehehehehehehehehehe. to the guy above> Your mama must have dropped on ur head and made you a little bit special. Show me a college that is copying syllabuses from others and passing it off as theirs and I'll show you a quack. Why copy from a Californian University and then act as if the syllabus is from CAMBRIDGE? Shameless scam this is alongside those who defend it.

    July 16, 2009 at 1:39 PM

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