Thursday, July 9, 2009


Call the bluff

We have seen recent comments by Oborah that are reverting to the old mind game we mentioned in our earlier posts. Call the police. He has dared the bloggers to report DALC's misdemeanor to the police or cease writing facts that DALC would rather you did not know. We back our articles with proof including links that people would not dispute. 

As usual, the anonymous post threatens to use google analytics to unmask our location (hahahahaha google analytics enables us to see where you log your comments from) and have the police arrest us as we type our blog posts. I suggest you do some research on google to avoid making a fool of yourself in this manner. He says, "And if u never reported to the police... trust me... you will pay dearly for defamation and misleading the public."  Threatening us are you? We must be shaking in our boots but atleast we are not conning hapless Kenyans.


Well well well, we are familiar with your tactics Mr. this is how you intimidate staff into silence over your neat mega diploma scam here. We know because we heard you say the same exact words to dozens of other staff suspected of telling on you. Have you forgotten how you threatened to ruin the careers of the staff who left last year using your connections to make sure that they would never be employed again? What happened to that plan Humphrey?

Interestingly, the anonymous commenter tries to unhook Oborah from copy-paste syllabus saga by claiming that these were prepared by an employee of DALC. He says, "I worked for DALC... and I know for sure that Dr. Oborah did not prepare the syllabuses himself."  Haven't the DALC people just confessed to fraud there? When you join DALC, the impression is that everything is from UK and even the syllabuses are from the prestigious "Cambridge Association of Managers". So why are you admitting that the prospectus were done by a DALC employee? Can you answer that? Why then do they have the Cambridge and QAC logos if they were done at DALC?


Oborah cannot shift the blame of copy-pasted to a member of staff because:

  • ·         He already told us that the syllabus is from CAMbridge in the UK.
  • ·         He said the Cambridge programmes are assessed for quality and standards .
  • ·         He unveiled these programmes at the Hilton hotel himself where he said that they (syllabuses) were from UK.
  • ·         The syllabuses are downloadable from the DALC website which he owns.
  • ·         He urges all the tutors to follow the set "CAMBRIDGE SYLLABUS".

He then downplays this shameless plagiarism where he copies other Universities syllabus word for word by drawing USIU into the picture claiming that,  " I'm not so concerned about preparing syllabuses from other Universities' syllabuses... USIU does the same with Oxford University". Now isn't that some mega claim. Another fallacious "two wrongs make a right" statement. They are doing so why can't we? But this is vintage Oborah, cunningly diversionary. Can he substantiate his comments? Can he tell us which USIU syllabus is copied from Oxford? Or is he defaming USIU now.

To further insult your intelligence, he says "even Obama copied some of his stuff from J.F. Kennedy... infact some people draw confidence in the knowledge of such - that the syllabus is from a well-known University".  So lets break it down here, OBAMA QUOTES JFK=DALC COPIED SYLLABUS and COPIED SYLLABUS=CONFIDENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. That's kind of reasoning would satisfy a DALC student of average abilities but how many of you out there think so? So you can start a college, download the syllabus from Harvard and it will be perfectly ok because people will be confident in that knowledge. Oborah said so!

His post ends with his now standard procedure known to ex DALC staffers as the Mud fling. This is where Oborah attempts to soil the name of the DALC employee by making extreme allegations such as he was a thief, he stole from me, he defrauded me, he was colluding with, he intended to etc. All these are followed by a vow to have the offending staffer arrested and jailed for along time before which he will have their pictures published in the press.

It is in this hare brained tradition that Oborah plays the role of the sour employer who cannot handle employee resignations with grace. "Mr. Michael used to pretend to have an MBA, but was soon found to have only a diploma in PR I think. Michael no longer works with DALC, after found to be overcharging foreign students... and colluding with the accountants to bank cheques to secret accounts..." 

Lets see, this does not add up as:

  • ·         Oborah always claims staff who left stole from him yet everybody knows that all DALC EDUCATION money passes through his accounts. Students have the account numbers of the DALC EDUCATION account from the first day they join DALC. We know DALC and nobody can steal from Oborah (he in this for the money). Do Oborah cries of thief theif reflect the status of his mind?

  • ·         How were the DALC monies banked to secret accounts when the entire fees is paid in bankers cheques and Oborah sleeps with the cheque book beneath his pillow?

  • ·         DALC accountants are bean counters whose other main job is to falsify your tax returns. Perhaps they would shed light into the account operations in  your organization?

  • ·         If you had the staff in question guilty of the crimes you mentioned, why didn't you have him locked up at the Parklands police and later Kamiti. You have the money to hire a lawyer don't you?

  • ·         Why did Milcah leave? Did she steal from you too like everybody else? How many former staff have you slandered in this fashion?

  • ·         How can you (A fake professor) spot a fake MBA when you have never seen a genuine one. Are also saying that people with mere diplomas are not good enough because that is what a majority of your students are. No, wait. They are worse because they are mere diploma holders of institutions that do not even exist.

Humphery Oborah, we have thrown the gauntlet. Do everybody a favour and SHUT THE HELL UP. Take action. Call a press conference; hold a demo, but most of all SUE the bloggers. We'll see if the court will convict us for telling the truth and exposing your fraud. 

P.S cALLING THIS BLOG A hate blog will not draw any sympathy because that is what you always do. Playing the victim. We are not hating by exposing your lies. We wrote your character up before you posted this comment and you fitted right in.

So what are you gonna do Mr. I-am-the-victim-of-my-thieving-ex staff?


  • Guys i think its high time we get michael here to comment could someone forward him all these? as a student at DALC, I have had respect for Oborah despite all these but when he makes such comments about michael I smell something very wrong.......michael was not the owner of DALC or one of the directors but he had integrity. something am fast realising is not at DALC.....maybe thats why he left and H is dying with vengence about it

    July 9, 2009 at 11:12 PM

  • Oborah once told us in a meeting at soin arcade that mike stole from him 300,000 and that he didnt resign,he ran off and that the police were after him.kumbe the idiot that oborah is,he was just dirtying his i understand he did so out of fear that mike would not reveal the Dalc story and if he did,people wouldnt believe him.what an ass.what about the other black guy who used to hang out with mike during lunch.saw him at he still in this dalc scum?

    July 10, 2009 at 9:05 AM

  • Oborah has told many lies. How do you expect him to remember all of them? You all have lied and are jelous that his lies have made him rich. Like I said, africans like to destroy each other and yopu are doing the same to Humphrey. Please let him be!

    July 10, 2009 at 11:30 AM

  • Nobody has commented about this weeks episode of the class....I'm starting to see a general trend in how Oborah coats his lies with sugar...usually he starts by stating a general truth or makes a statement that most people would agree with e.g. this week he was commenting on the grading system and the cut-off points used by colleges and universities. It's true that the current system has many issues that need resolving (most people would agree to that) but Oborah doesn't stop there...

    He then slowly but surely shifts attention to his diploma mill, and tries to portray it a world class institution, free from the flaws characterizing the other institutions. This I believe is where the deception catches many unaware.Some will not see the lies coming by the time he brings DALC to the picture. By giving several criticisms of the present education system he masquerades as an expert on the education system, but has often been proved in this blog to be the quack he really is...

    The quetion begs...what has taken him nearly 3 months to bring his junk back on TV? Finances not too good @ DALC? This blog making prospective students flee?

    Then, what the heck is KTN doing propping up a diploma mill (and to a great degree endorsing it?). Won't this also amount to a criminal offense on their part?

    July 10, 2009 at 1:01 PM

  • why doesn't someone start a blog for the class. We can review the episodes on a weekly and look forward to the next one. See how KTN likes that. Standard group is absolutely and totally rotten.

    July 10, 2009 at 7:03 PM

  • who the hell is educon.sounds like a revenge mission.please take all your info to the cops and other relevant authorities and let them handle the case.involve media houses as well.doesnt educon have a duty,since it knows sooooo much about the scandals about dalc,with proof,to inform the authorities instead of being involved in a smear campaign.and whats all the secrecy all about.tell the country the truth.stop hiding behind computers.

    July 11, 2009 at 8:52 AM

  • ya man,
    stop hiding behind ur comps.give the cops the info u have and let dalc be investigated.u guys sound like ur on some revenge mission cause u were fired or up and help kenya to get rid of dalc

    July 11, 2009 at 8:56 AM

  • this shit by DALC defenders about the police and authorities is sickening me. Why don't prove to us that the blogger is wrong!!! All you go about is reveal urself, be a man , stand up, go to the police etc. Surely, is this the best defence DALC can put up? I read this blog occassionally and i haven't been to DALC but for sure the bloggers here have done their homework.

    CAn DALC set the record straight because in Kenya, the press and police are some of the most corrupt institutions!

    Can an intelligent DALC person explain without getting us down to this childish arguments.

    July 11, 2009 at 1:56 PM

  • hahahahahahahahahhaha....

    and these sick DALC defenders (read H) are so daft. now, read these two comments made by this idiot (H) above and note they were keyed in by the same person needng lessons on shorthand and punct!

    So u now want us (bloggers) to go to the police! Ha ha ha ha hah, (H) is by far the funnies character on earth. He threatens to sue, notices he has hit a dead end, n now wants us to sue.

    July 11, 2009 at 9:36 PM


    July 12, 2009 at 8:45 AM

  • i couldn't agree more. DALC now wants us to sue or stop this blog. Am not sure from which statute that is though. Does he have an idea of how many people contribute to this blog before he speaks of suing? He must have lost count of the people he conned in his life!

    July 12, 2009 at 12:35 PM

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