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DALC EDUCATION'S hiring policy is pretty unusual for an "international" organisation of its stature. If you get what I mean. Oborah still holds the reigns to pretty much everything and needs to because DALC is a secretive thing. It has serious flaws by design and is fraudulent in its operations. As a result, Humphrey Oborah prefers inbred staff.
What does that mean?
Well, you see. These days, everybody at DALC (almost) has been a student of DALC. Oborah says this is because he believes in his students' talents and gifts and trusts them to run DALC much better than outsiders. So tutors, administrators and librarians are ex or ongoing DALC students who can be trusted to keep the secrets. Further more, they are part of the system and therefore will never try to go against DALC EDUCATION.
This inbreeding would raise eyebrows at any institution moreso an academic one. DALC does not need outside interference, it has become like a cult. An educational cult whose adherents are taught not to trust any other systems but DALC Education. When they fail to gain acceptance to proper universities in Kenya and beyond. Oborah enrolls his students in "shady" unaccredited mills that give you a degree in a month or so. Well, depending on how much money you have. When these degrees are turned down by Kenyan employers, Oborah tells his students that the degrees are meant for big thinkers. People who will start their own businesses, entrepreneurs because the Kenya labour market is backward.
Why this inbreeding?
  • Most DALC students would not fit anywhere else due to their low grades. Remember, DALC will take you with an E as long as you claim that you were sick during your exams. Therefore, most DALC students will not easily get employed elsewhere.

  • DALC students are having a hard time securing employement in Kenya right now. Human Resources Managers do browse the internet and the number of sites exposing the DALC scam in Kenya exceeds 10 as we speak. Who would hire you? Therefore, more students are desperate.

  • To ease the pressure from parents who had hopes and aspirations that their children would get a proper UK degree and jobs at the world bank as Humphrey Oborah promises. He usually goes like "recently, a student of mine was headhunted by the world bank as a result of his practical projects, as we speak, barclays bank are looking to hire 32 students from DALC because of our very high UK standards". (Do not laugh, he has told people that many times). When these people cannot get jobs, Oborah hires them to ease the pressure from parents and students alike.

  • The DEGREE ILLUSION at DALC should be completed when you clear your diploma and are sent to a UK university to upgrade your qualifications. The problem is that it doesn't happen and some people really pressurise the man to get them a UK university as promised. He cannot deliver, if he did, there would be a list of people on his website who have successfully gone to proper UK universities from KEnya through DALC. Again to ease off that pressure, he hires that student and tells them that they are better than those useless degree holders from Kenya's public varsities.
If you are a DALC alumni who fancies a chance to become an inbred conman, DALC is hiring. Not just now, but throughout as Oborah needs to hire a fresh lot of students so that DALC seems like a reputable college whose graduates get jobs (in the same college). Once hired, you will be taught to lie and fired later on for non performance.
Have a look at the recent memo and good luck. You must be a DALC student for obvious reasons. It seems that DALC cannot attract outsiders anymore. APPLY NOW??

Date Posted: 2009-08-10Title: JOBS FOR DALC STUDENTS

A number of students have been asking for jobs related to
Customer Care/Front Desk Managers (commonly known as CMs)
or ICT lecturers, at DALC.

Please apply between now and Wednesday this week, online,
via . Click on the "jobs" link at the homepage.
Please make sure you mention that you are a DALC student, your
campus, course and Adm Number.

Do also email a copy of your CV to for



  • Thanks for posting this meaningful article..

    October 22, 2009 at 2:04 AM

  • yes thats true coz i was once a DALC lecturer lecturing even subjects i did not learn at my own university. but obora could pay at that time but my problem was that i was given even a masters class to lecture while i only held a bachelors so it was really conny.The whole DALC had one kissi guy who got a Dplain in form four went to india and got Dip in Law, could not join law school in kenya but he was the only Law lecture for all DALC campus from kisumu to mombasa, sometimes i used to sympathise with both my students and there parents coz we used to mark and grade the papers at chiromo lane and then lie to the students that the papers have been sent to UK so they will get results in two weeks time.
    But i think Nick Oyiet should get saved in line with Maina njenga and that Akinyi of chinedu coz is is a great a complish of Obora in this big scam,
    But Obora pays anybody with some sought of authority who can harrass him or threaten to expose him and i have realiable sources from mainstream media that he poured a lot of money there to avoid publication of his scams and the journalists down there are scared to hell,
    when Commission for Higher Education came knocking rumours had it that each of them walked away with 2m (of course two Million kenya shillings bwana all five guys a totall of ten in a day)
    Yes there was a course called Pre- Med yaani before medicine, BWANA I PITY THOSE KIDS coz they were taught small chemestry and biology and they paid more than 500,000 each.
    Obora i know you will read this please dont be too greedy just register a decent school like KIM,strathmopre and let your country men be proud of you. I know you offer some desperate kenyans Job (Like myself then, actually you saved my behind coz...., thats why i could help you lie) but why Rob peter to pay Paul.

    now Obora is calling himself Prof. ooH my God this guy do not even have a complete masters after he gratuated from chiromo campus this guy went to india and then a few trips to uk. Obora can you publicly show which colleges awarded you this degrees and we shall go there and confirm. kenyas this guy think we are Idiots, He just learned public speaking and how to wear Macho Inne then come on our face that he is a prof.
    Big Lie.
    One day Obora your 40th day will come and am smelling it around, so be careful ooooooooooooh

    December 19, 2009 at 12:40 AM

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