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DALC'S (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) LIES IN THEIR WORDS AND PICTURES

You will find the lies all over DALC's (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) literature. It doesn't matter what to the people who print these lies that they have given all the evidence of their congame on prospectus. Let us look at the yellow prospectus BELOW.


This prospectus is printed on heavy glossy paper and is definitely quality in execution but falls flat face-in the mud when put under some scrutiny.


  • This page has a picture of Dr Michael Gagne who is the alleged Vice President of CAM even though he is a Malaysia based executive coach of Canadian extraction. So there is absolutely nothing English or Cambridge about him. Take note of this phrase, "Cambridge Association of Managers decided to offer diploma programmes especially to overseas students." So the prestigious CAM is not interested in passing their expertise to the English but prefers to work with those outside UK especially Africa and Asia. Not the European Union or North America but 3rd world countries where laws are bent and it is not so easy to verify facts. Convenient.


  • The page introduces Oxford Association of Managers and goes on to say that the like legendary academic giant is teaching internationally accepted qualification overseas. This is stretching the truth by a mile as OXIM is a diploma mill established at around 2002 with absolutely zero facilities, no faculty and no real accreditation.


  • Oborah likes to pull this book out when asked about the recognition of the CAM/OXIM courses. So a book recognizes the courses or what? Let me ask you to put a little common sense into play here. If I published a directory of schools and listed some questionable institutions alongside the genuine ones, would that make the fake ones genuine? This is the most tired explanation as the same book advertises Irish International University courses on it inside cover.


  • According to the phony book that Oborah uses to vilify your perception of education, OXIM should offer Graduate Diploma in Management and Postgraduate Diploma in management. That's a pretty brief profile considering there are Actuarial Science, Legal studies, environmental studies, international trade, pre medicals, pre engineering students in DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) holding OXIM admission letters. In a nutshell, Oborah uses the OXIM letterhead to start courses (whose content he copy/pastes from genuine universities websites) that even the fake OXIM doesn't list.


  • Smile at the Camera and snap. CAM/OXIM through DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) have identified Kenyans of repute and awarded them sham awards such as "Chartered Fellow" and then use the photographs of the same to net more Kenyans. It creates an impression that DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) is associated with these people and is a reputable organization. Is there a West Bromwich Association of Managers (WBAM) that is willing to give an ignorant politician an award?


Laughable that the Institution's Admission policy says clearly that it cares for those who were "rudely" kicked out of Public universities, lacked school fees or were sick during exams. How does DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) know that you performed poorly because of sickness? Isn't this a foolish way of saying that DALC doesn't care about your O level grades (you can claim illness, lack of fees or hurting your finger on the exam day anyway) and will admit anyone. Show me any institution with such an audacious admission policy and I'll show you a diploma mill.


The lies in this page:

  • A centre is inspected by Cambridge to ensure mission and vision is adhered to. ( How do you measure that?)

  • Majority of teachers' posses Masters and Doctorate Degree (How many genuine PhD holders would work at DALC?)

  • Teachers resumes are sent to UK for approval (How comes guys get hired on the spot?)

  • Curriculum is reviewed annually (Ok. Try and remember that.)

  • Cambridge and Oxford experts visit twice per year (Yeah?)

  • No plagiarism (This coming from a man who has copy/pasted dozens of prospectus from genuine universities is imaginative)

  • Final certificates come from CAM/OXIM (Word on the street is that they are printed in Nairobi's Industrial area)


This is a picture of the International scammers plus a few innocent Kenyans of repute tricked to pose in this picture.

From left, Nick Redding (Australian who was introduced as Cambridge Director), Edwin Varo (Malysian trainer introduced as a Professor at Cambridge), H. Sandhu (OXIM,CAM, EBS, IIU diploma mills owner. Kingpin of the scam) and Jean Clutton Williams (In a pink dress, OXIM chairlady)

Nick Redding is an Australian who lives and works down under. As a matter of fact, there is no position of Director in the CAM structure. My bet is that the lies get you the scammers all mixed up and then they have a Director, Chairman, Chancellor, CEO and President in the same organization.


Is that QAC logo on the sample certificates?? Oh no!!! Is Oborah going to explain that with his usual yidi yada about working with QAC for exemption purposes yet it is in all the certificates he prints?

Above is all the evidence that you are getting a UK qualification if you are foolish to believe it. If you ever go into a college and they show you sample certificates and admission letters please turn back and walk away. Diploma mills tend to have a universal trait of displaying the sample Diploma/Degree certificates. Go to the UoN law school or the medical school or the KU or even KIM and see that they forgot to display sample certificates. DALC just goes further and boldly states that even the ID's come from UK. These are printed locally at Industrial area so wake up and smell the coffee.


The victims who paid to go and graduate in UK at a hall that Oborah and cronies hired from the University of Cambridge. They love to pose for the pictures and later insert Cambridge University in every caption wherever the pictures are published. If a Nairobi Business College hired a hall at the University of Nairobi and held a graduation ceremony there, would be the Grandaunts' be University of Nairobi alumni?


All the fake institutions that DALC brings to you on the back page alongside the fake accreditation body owned by Sandhu- Quality Assurance Commission (see logo on the right).


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