Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Early in 2008, DALC EDUCATION went on an expansion spree that resulted in centres all over the RiftValley in Kitale, Kericho and Nakuru. Oborah said that this was intentioned to bring CAMBRIDGE & OXFORD qualifications closer to the people. This was a consistent theme whenever Oborah and DAVY Koech went to open a new centre. He was doing it for the poor, ignored rural masses. He even lowered the school fees and gave discounts and offers. (DIPOMA MILLS OFTEN GIVE DISCOUNTS TO LURE YOU INTO JOINING) He threw everuthing at it and went about the new campuses with lots of zeal.

Most of the upcountry folks were dazzled that this prof. who spoke in a strange English-accent had suddenly realised how important they were. He said the governemnt was not doing enough so he was taking it upon himself to take Kenya's education a step higher. People fell for his lines and usual career forecasting-practical education nonsensense. Visit Kericho, Nakuru and Kitale and find unknowing Kenyans who will proudly tell you that they are studying at a "Cambridge& Oxford" campus .

Well, Oborah had no intention to help Kenyans. It has never been his plan to help anybody. The whole point was to help himself to your money while giving you a worthless DIPLOMA in the process. You see, NAIROBI,KISUMU and MOMBASA were no longer yielding as much as they used as more people were getting wind of DALC's dubious nature and staying away.

It is also a fact that people in these big towns are bound to spent lots of time online and will get to read about DALC SCANDALS on some online forum and then email the same information to a friend or two. In short, Oborah was looking at other revenue streams and realised that UPCOUNTRY was untapped.

It is much easier to convince the farmers in Kitale and Nakuru that their children are getting quality education through DALC even though they are going to take courses like Wireless Communications without an ounce of equipment.

This year, things got worse for Humphrey as the whispers grew louder and turned into shouts. People are openly questioning DALC EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION. You see, DALC is like alternative medicine. They may have people who claim to have been healed but overall, there are thousands who feel cheated and misled on the whole thing. As a result, Oborah is now looking for greener pastures. KITALE, KERICH AND NAKURU are no longer attractive as the bad news (also known as the TRUTH) has already reached the people.
People who were promised degrees have finished their diplomas and Oborah is now elusive whenever they ask about the degree. Kenyans who paid their monies but pulled out immediately are still chasing their refunds to this day. Those who attended one of those DALC talks Oborah arranged to clear the air were left with more questions than answers especially when he plainly refused to answer questions on DALC's credibility. Choosing to belittle those who questioned him as if they were complete idiots. He said,

"If you do not understand DALC system, then you are still in the past. You need to modernise your thinking about Education."

KISII, KAKAMEGA , MERU , GARISSA and SOUTH COAST are next. Oborah is working to open branches in these places where he can trick a few more Kenyans before the law catches up with him. He will make a few more millions before the DALC SCANDALS catch on in the new areas. By the time people realise that they will not be getting proper degrees and that their papers are not recognised elswhere, Humphrey Oborah will be laughing all the way to the bank.
Soon, CAMBRIDGE & OXFORD students will be walking the streets of Kakamega where they will proudly show off their UK qualifications to unsuspecting villagers as proof of how well learned they are. In the meantime, we suspect that Oborah's pockets will be well lined in the process.

We have it that he is not interested in big towns where people might ask all sorts of questions. If you did not know , DALC hates questions. If you ask too many, Oborah calls you a troublemaker and might throw in idiot for effect. He wants to open new branches where he can go about the business of dishing diplomas in tranquil.

WARN your upcountry folks people. Tell them that the real Cambridge & Oxford would never open a campus in Garissa or Kisii. They know very well that all that glitters is not gold. So they should think twice when a "UK" education centre opens up near them.


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