Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Humphrey Oborah, DALC's head of mission has announced changes. Finally, he has found (read conned) another Kenyan to slave for a couple of months for him and raise the expectations. Take note that he is always making these sorts of announcements as the staff turnover at DALC is sky high.


Mr. Eric Opondo may be convinced that he is working for a worthy institution but he will realize the truth in his own time (like we all did). He will find that time spent at DALC is useless in your CV if you want to build a career but in the meantime; Oborah will use him and abuse him like an old pair of ill fitting shoes. Mr. Opondo Eric, you might not know but in the last ten months, your position has moved from Mike to Frank to Milcah and now you. That gives you an idea of how quickly people get tired of DALC?


Does this man have any experience in forgery (of signatures and logos) because we think Oborah needs one? Can he falsify the TAX RETURNS because DALC does not pay taxes? Is he able to make employee statutory deductions en route to NHIF and NSSF? Can he confidently lie to students with a straight face and tell them that the UK "examiners" are busy marking their papers?


If he can, then he is Oborah's soul mate not to mention tribes' man. Don't tell me Oborah did not consider that. He loves people he can trust (his secrets are too many) and lighten his load. We bet he took you out and blew lots of money to impress you. Once he has you hooked, he will abuse you.  You will remember this word. ABUSE.




Date Posted: 2009-08-01

Mr. Eric Opondo has been appointed the new Finance and Admin Manager.

Eric has immense experience in finance and administration having worked at Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays and American Insurance Group, all spanning over 13 years.

He has Bcomm and MBA (Finance and Admin) from University of Nairobi and currently completing his PhD.

He will be in contact with staff and students shortly.

The Academic Dean will be appointed shorlty and so are professors and Senior professors as well as senior members of the institution comprising the Governing Council and Academic Board.

The position of Head of Missions will go alongside the holder as the institution re-structures for the new role it is expected to play.


NOW Mr. OPONDO, read the one below. Almost one year ago the same thing happened. So do not feel all that important. Only one person remains in the list below, Patrick Makanga and the only reason he is in there is because nobody else will hire him. Not even Faith Kinyae, she says he is Oborah's employee.

The rest all left, resigned and not fired for xyz reasons that your boss imagines. Have a happy time soiling your nice CV with the DALC experience. Perhaps you could use a couple of con tricks in the future.

Remember even the pyramid schemes had well trained and competent managers.


Date Posted: 2008-08-13
Please be advised as below on staff changes and appointments:
Mrs. Milkah Kulati (formerly 20th century campus Manager) has been apponited Finance and Admin Manager.
Mr. Michael Otieno - Head of Curriculum and Quality Assurance
Mr. Frank Ochieng - Head of Media and Communications
Mr. Patrick Makanga - Centre Admin at Kericho Campus in Acting Capacity
Miss. Evelyne Aseneka - Centre Admin at Eldoret Campus in Acting Capacity
I will be releasing to you deatils of their duties shorlty so that you know what to channel to who. I will be announcing other appointments in other campuses in due course.
There are a number of other front desk and core areas staff recently appointed who will be unvailed during usual staff meetings.
Accordingly, I announce all Nairobi Staff Meeting on Saturday 7.30 am at Soin Arcade this Saturday 16/08/08. All part Timers must also attend. Centre Managers please announce.


Mr. Opondo had better be very cautious when dealing with Oborah. I couldn't help admire his tight cv but tell me somebody:

  • ·         Why go to DALC if you have such an impressive CV? You could find a bigger company to work for instead.
  • ·         Isn't going to DALC a backward step for Opondo if he has worked at established global companies such as Stanchart and AIG?
  • ·         Why would a guy of his stature work at DALC?
  • ·         He is an MBA who is pursuing a PhD, very unusual. People like him do not pursue academic careers. I smell a lie here. Which university has he enrolled at?



  • Bwana Eric,
    While you have worked so hard in life to earn yourself such a wonderful CV, i realy sympathize with you. You know what staff will be told when you leave: Erick thought he was so smart, we have had guys here who only have a diploma and can perform better than him even with his PHD. I caught Eric red handed forging my signature. He has already opened a bank account with the name DALC.

    Mr. Eric, follow your conscience anyway, but sincerly speaking, the future for you in dalc is as dull as the morning you attended your interview.

    kindly look for a gentlmen called Sammy Lio, check from the reocrds if you have access to them and contact him. He will narrate to you the wonderful experiences of working for DALC.

    Ask any lecturer who you may befriend. You will be in for a rude shocker.

    I know you believe you can, and in deed you can.... you can ... so man things. But one thing i am sure of Yes you can, you can be abused, yes you can, you can be accused falsely, and yes you can? Can you lie to students and their parents? yes you can. Can you be fired? Yes You can be fired. For you will be fired. By the way, were you given an appointment letter? Yes you can get one.... but the one in your house from previous employers. Byu the way, when you go home, please look for your former payslips......memories are made of such.

    August 5, 2009 at 10:09 PM

  • I realy feel sorry for this man called Eric Opondo, first i assure you that you wont stay they untill january next year you would have probably given up or fired then accused of either theft, our not doing your work. the person who has commented above has put it all clear.... but for now u will think that we are all a bunch of losers n have nothing to do but come january next year you will be sending your articles about dalc to this our beloved blog

    August 6, 2009 at 12:34 AM

  • True story commentor number two

    August 6, 2009 at 12:35 AM

  • Where did oborah say Mr. Eric Opondo is doing his PHD? we need to might be with the WIDU university

    August 6, 2009 at 12:37 AM

  • Same story as Milkah kulati, Mike, Frank, Sammy Lio, Alex Omuka,so you are no exception Mr Eric Opondo, you will probably be told to go to kitale and become a librarian... many have been told to go to kisumu and eldoret

    August 6, 2009 at 12:41 AM

  • This is a lie and i kno it. He is no PHD.............He has Bcomm and MBA (Finance and Admin) from University of Nairobi and currently completing his PhD.

    August 6, 2009 at 5:20 AM

  • guys, this does not add up. Why build all that experience and then go to a company that will probably pay your salary midmonth?
    something is not right here, Opondo is one fishy guy if all the things written about him and his work experience are true.

    August 6, 2009 at 5:51 AM

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