Monday, August 3, 2009


When we worked at the DALC head office, it was the norm to lie. We were taught to lie to students, staff and DALC's suppliers. Oborah/Faith Kinyae usually parked her car well hidden at the back and locked herself in the office. Strict instructions were given to the staff not to disclose their whereabouts.

This was done to evade:
  • Suppliers of stationnery, flowers, computer parts etc and other people who were owed by DALC
  • Students and parents who had discovered it was a scam (mostly after trying without success to get into UK universities) and were looking for Oborah
  • Students in trouble with employers after their bogus Irish International University Degrees were rejected
  • Staff who had been fired and whose salaries had not been paid.
All these are consistent with people that are dishonest to the core and dont take our word for it, someone who was cheated by DALC wrote an email as you can see below.

I came across this blog .and read most of the threads.My encounter with DALC is one that will stick in my mind for long .
I supplied goods to this Oborah  in his chiromo campus  but had a hard time before i could be paid and the worst thing he never settled the whole bill.Despite making numerous trips to his office  and calls i finally gave up .I left it to God I was forced to take a loan to settle my suppliers.The man is by all means dishonest and unkind.



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