Monday, August 24, 2009


Despite the warning signs that should by now flashing red all over. Some people ignore their other sense and go ahead to get tricked by the DALC tricksters who masquerade as Customer Care Executives. He does not take it lightly when his staffs fail to recruit another Kenyan into the DALC fraud factory.

When you speak to the DALC staff, they all start by saying: DALC EDUCATION is a CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD learning center, (suitably failing to disclose which Cambridge/oxford). They then go to the merits of the DALC system which are massive and dwarf other institutions. You will then sit through a presentation that is so out of the ordinary it has you curious and warned at the same time.


DALC Education makes dozens of peculiar claims. Some of this will prick your ear as being too good to be true. Just like the pata potea who promises to double your $100,000 on the spot. But, you sit and listen as they pour more strange drivel into your ears.
Chequered Cambridge history, legendary institutions, 22nd century education, practical education, exemptions, experience recognitions, upgrading, fast track education and UK standards are some of the concepts that will be pile driven into you. The exaggerated nature of these claims has put many people off and saved careers, time and money. But alas, not all people have learned that when the deal is too good, then it aint good.
That is why we have pata potea and other short cons still in business even when their methods are well known by most 14 year olds.

  • Fast-track: DALC promises to help you acquire a degree in 18 months. That is not something I made up to get you to read this blog but a claim from an institution that has gotten a clean bill from the questionable Commission of Higher education. According to DALC EDUCATION, if you join the college with a mean grade of B plain (which has nowadays been stretched downwards all the way to C+ for love of money) they will send you to their second year. As a brilliant student, you will whizz through that in 9 months upon which they will send you to the final year. After a grueling 9 months, all that will remain is a thesis to a “major” university that DALC expects you to complete in a short 3 months.

  • UK everything: Walk to any DALC centre and believe it or not, the only thing they will do locally is teach you. Everything else comes from the UK. This is of course a similar tactic to that used by filthy backstreet counterfeiters who stick a tiny British flag on low quality electrical fittings which they sell expensively. Everybody knows that UK is home to the best electrical fittings….and Universities. So DALC sticks a British flag to their fraud by claiming that the admission letters, student badges, transcripts and certificates come from the UK. As if that was not enough, they claim that exams are marked in the UK and lecturers are also approved by the UK. All the above UK claims are lies. Try and verify with any UK government agency and see. As you will realize later, all those fancy “UK” logos are worthless on your “UK” certificate when you get to the United Kingdom!

  • Credit for life experience: If you have worked for years and want a degree, do not go to other universities as they tend to be too rigid. Simply walk to DALC with you CV and they will grant exemptions for your efforts. DALC does not verify these claims, if they did, they would lose lots of potential customers and that is not a good thing. So, to keep all of us happy DALC EDUCATION pretends to send your (unverified) CV to the quality assurance commission (QAC_UK) which will subsequently award you credits for your experience. No tests, no questions. We recently say Hersi of Sarova on TV explaining how the credit for experience system works at DALC.

  • 22nd Century: We have heard Humphrey Oborah, Hardeep Sandhu and Jaochim Hans Kempe make these claims. During the last episodes of the class, Oborah kept talking about 22nd Century technology, thinking, system, education, bla bla bla. Anybody who believes these claims deserves to be laughed at because DALC are taking you money in this century and you are getting 22nd Century education. Where are you going to us it? This is a cheap trick to make you think that the only reason that DALC is weird is because it is light years ahead of the rest.

  • BioMedical Education: DALC touts their career forecasting system as prescription to all the career problems afflicting people in Africa. They can foretell the career of your young son or daughter 20 years in advance. They call this the bio-medical education but curiously, “ Bio Medical education is usually a medical seven year program leading to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degrees”. We reckon Humphrey Oborah likes the sound of Biomedical Education and decided to stick with it even when it obviously means something else. SICK.

In closing, DALC Education has thrived on making unusual and very exaggerated statements on its abilities, connections and systems. These claims are used to lure unknowing Kenyans into the DALC net where ordinary courses are hyped , given strange labels and technology used to bamboozle people into thinking they are truly getting world class education.

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