Sunday, August 23, 2009


No doubt that many people have been swindled by DALC and many more will be thanks to the never-ending support from KTN. A channel that is always supporting DALC. In retrospect, many people have looked back and wondered how on earth did I even walk into this con anyway? In the end, you feel wasted and regretful that your time and money had to go to DALC.

We are familiar with the whole DALC SCAM and here are some if the warning signs you may have overlooked on your way to getting conned.


These two are the world’s most prestigious universities and the first time you come across DALC, it is on a signboard that boldly has CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD and DALC somewhere in small print. In short, the whole thing looks like you are getting into a CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD CENTRE.

When you walk into the DALC offices, somebody hands you a CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD prospectus with some knightly logos and pictures of strange white people juxtaposed across some real CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD buildings. It feels real.

At this point, you are probably suspicious of this CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD thing because the deal is too good.

  • The overuse of the CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD theme in DALC. Have a look at the website, prospectus, newspaper adverts, TV infomercials etc and see that DALC liberally pastes these two names anywhere it can and makes it look as if they are partnering with some prestigious institutions.
  • CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD are competitors back home. They have a rivalry spanning centuries in sport, academics and debate. Why then are these two working under the DALC banner. They are both big enough to live independently and as far as I know, CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD are like OMO and ARIEL. And how did DALC get to collaborate with the two top most recognized universities? How comes DALC is not a KEELE/SUSSEX learning centre?
  • Why does DALC use so many images of white people in its promotional literature yet it is recruiting from Africans? The answer is obvious here; DALC wants you to make that link for yourself. Fool you into thinking you are getting into a proper international college.

If you questioned DALC carefully on the above issues, you would not end up losing money because the DALC PLOT will unravel right there.

As we now know, DALC misleads people using pictures such as:

  • Images CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY facilities, yet DALC claim to be partnering with CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS.

  • Pictures of OXFORD UNIVERSITY’S buildings yet the OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS that DALC collaborates with no longer exist. Plus it is not affiliated to OXFORD UNIVERSITY in any way.

  • Well known UK dons whose pictures DALC publishes in its brochures. This happens fraudulently as the people shown in the prospectus are not even aware of the use of their pictures. Recently, a Prof. Max Blythe was shocked to see his picture and signature on the DALC EDUCATION prospectus.

  • Obama. In the last episode of the CLASS, they flashed a picture of Obama(among other things). What exactly does that have to do with DALC or Education anyway?

Look out for more…


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