Friday, August 14, 2009

KTN KTN Supporting the DALC fraud factory as Kenyans lose money

KTN- Propping the DALC fraud factory as Kenyans lose money.

Money is everything! Well that is according to DALC EDUCATION'S kingpin Humphrey Oborah. We give it to him for operating one of the longest running cons in Kenya that has ensnared senior political figures in the country. DALC remains Oborah's money machine and he just loves the neat tricks where he pretends to be a professor and goes on TV to give Educational insights that should see Africa scale the heights that South Korea has. He loves to give that example by the way, he says the reason South K0rea have gotten where they are is because they have identified talented people.

Let me remind you that at DALC EDUCATION, you will go to class where a lowly motivated tutor will whizz you through an entire unit in as little as 4 hours. (That is how short it takes to complete a subject at DALC. Some tutors we know will prefer to do it all in one sitting. So that the subject that other institutions teach for a semester is completed in 4 hours. 240 minutes later and BOOM! You are an expert in Project assessment and evaluation.

This ensures that his wage bill is kept to a minimum as the tutors are paid by the hour.

So back to KTN- (your always entertaining, always informative and in this case always promoting DALC channel). The CLASS is a show where Oborah masquerades as an educational expert of repute who is licensed to thrill with advice to Africa, its citizens and governments. He does this from his imaginary pedestal aka Prof.Dr.EDU where he has his name occupying ¼ of the KTN screen with the title PROF. in bold. ..Or did I imagine that?


KTN- (your always entertaining, always informative and in this case always promoting DALC channel) advertised that the class would be covering the issue of tuition. Now that’s a genuine issue right there that needs tackling so KTN throws clips of Ongeri juxtaposed against school children, uniforms, books etc on the screen to highlight the evils of the Holiday tuition. That is a genuine issue to that point they call on the Fake Prof.Oborah to come and discuss the issue. What the heck does a Prof. of WIDU knows about education in the first place? Curse.

Just when you begin to think it’s an educational show, they bring in a con artist/tax evader the height of a giraffe. So, Oborah, steps in and weaves his jargoned nonsense around the issue using all sorts of spaghetti clichés we have heard before. Nothing concrete, after all this show is all foam and no beer. In no time, he speaks about brain neurons, spare capacity, talents, cognitive functions, low salaries etc without connecting them to the tuition menace.

The aim here is to befuddle you the viewer and leave you thinking that he is a real professor . A man of the books. But alas, in a flash, it’s all DALC.

He reverts to his usual DALC gimmicks that always involve him speaking about:
· Gifts and Talent testing
· Academic prescriptions
· 22nd (all the way to 25th) Century Education
· Practical Education
· UK, UK, UK
· Careers Forecasting
By this time, the ignorant masses will have forgotten what the main agenda was especially when he shows a successful DALC student who has gone out to achieve enormously (a degree). By then the holiday tuition is forgotten as the show closes with all of DALCS addresses on the screen.

Now, the fool that propping the CLASS at the KTN (the always entertaining, always informative and in this case always promoting DALC channel) would want us to believe that they have never noticed this. Someone forward him this post without the last paragraph. (Or replace fool with a politer word)

And somebody stop that Prof. with his fake English accent. It is totally killing me!


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